What's Cookin' Custom Made Skin Treats

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Ingredients : YOU get to decide!

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What’s Cookin’? Custom Made Skin Treats

YOU tell us!


The aroma can be anything you like – think coconut, mango, pumpkin and pineapple. Don’t stop there, now think ginger, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. Why not café mocha or red wine? Or would you actually prefer it unscented? We can do that too.

The texture is could be soft, semi soft, or a hard hard balm. Or it could even be a lip scrub if you ask us nicely. You tell us what you like, and we will help you decide what to put in there – we will send out a list of final ingredients and cost estimate for your approval before we go ahead and get cookin’.

The color could be decided by the flavors of course. For myself, I prefer pristine white. But hey, you get to play around with this one too! Tell us whether you want a subtle pink or a bold red. Or would you rather let the ingredients do the coloring for you? No added colors – let kokum butter remain sandy brown and let shea butter stay snow white. You tell us what it's gonna be, and we will make it happen!

Love a product, but allergic to an ingredient? Tell us and we will look for a substitute, just for YOU!

Coconut Coconut Pumpkin Pumpkin Mango Mango

Pineapple Pineapple Pear Pear Apple Apple

Watermelon Watermelon Strawberry Strawberry Berries Berries


Fill up our form here or drop us a line at wecare@skincafe.in. We'll take care of you!

Basil Basil Anise Anise Nutmeg Nutmeg

Cloves Cloves Vanilla Vanilla Allspice Allspice

Chocolate Chocolate Café Mocha Café Mocha Red Wine Red Wine


Fill up our form here or drop us a line at wecare@skincafe.in. We'll take care of you!

A word of caution though. While we do guarantee the quality of ingredients and the finished product, its exact aroma, texture and color may still turn out different from what you visualized. Also, we do not offer customized lip tint balms because the colors that we do use, they have been thoroughly tested for drying effects and allergic reactions. We are not keen to try out untested colors to create a new shade that turns out to be unkind to skin.


Our melt-into-skin lip butters are made with wholesome natural ingredients like cocoa butter, watermelon seed oil and dried herbs and fruits that leave your lips soft and hydrated.

Our gentle-on-skin lip scrubs are made with mild natural exfoliants like cocoa nibs and coffee grinds infused in hydrating butters like shea butter and jojoba seed oil that leave your skin shockingly soft and clean.


  • Paraben & BHT free.
  • We do not use chemical preservatives in our custom made treats.
  • We do not use petrolatum in our skin treats. Here's why!




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